Destiny Choir

Destiny choir is Redemption Temple's music ministry. It comprises of intsrumentalists and vocalists. Destiny performs every Sunday & holds practice on saturdays. The choir also holds concerts periodicaly to praise and worship God. The choir is open to have new members. Contact the assistant director of the choir, Rexford Nana, at

Women's Ministry

The goal of the women's ministry is to equip women to know the Lord and lead with strength, using their gifts and talents in order to serve in the church, reach the world and make disciples. This ministry is a place where women can get equipped and learn from other women. Contact the church admin at

Youth Ministry

A ministry emphasizing on building community, spiritual mentoring, career and leadership development with children and young adults

Men's Ministry

A ministry for planning and developing programs to meet the needs of men in the congregation. A Coordinator and assistant are needed.